What is simplest.page?

simplest.page is a system that's designed to make the process of creating a webpage as simple as possible. Format your page in an email using whatever email client you like, send it to page@simplest.page, and it's created. It removes the need to open your browser, sign up or log in, learn a new interface and editor, configure settings, and many of the other steps usually required when posting to a blog or creating a writeup. simplest.page aims to be the most minimal version of a “blogging" system. 

Right now simplest.page offers only creates the most essential version of a post—a single webpage. There’s no blog-specific index page or the option to create personal subdomains as is customary with most blogging software. That’s because simplest.page is, in its current form, a kind of MVP. The goal here is to understand what the experience of posting to a blog site through email might look like and built out this system as feels most natural to the email-specific process, rather than blogging in general.

Send a formatted email to page@simplest.page to give it a try.

Any feedback? Send it to human@simplest.page.

You can follow the process of how this project was designed and built on Futureland.

Christian Broms <cb@christianbroms.com>
Wed, 2 Jun 2021 20:49:01 -0400